Exposed wooden beams: natural, traditional, elegant

Our wooden beams are exclusively made of local hardwood. Our structural timber is certified in conformity with the Italian technical regulations pertaining to constructions. We prevalently produce wooden beams with bevelled edges. They have excellent mechanical and elastic features. Woden beams with bevelled edges are appreciated for their pleasing appearance, and thus they are often utilized in the restration of old buildings. Our wooden beams may be provided with a peculiar kind of decoration, which may have different shapes and sizes.




Valle Sacra Sawmill promotes the use of local materials. We almost exclusively process local wood. Our products are made using the most valuable plant species of the forest.

Segheria Valle Sacra

Via Castelnuovo Nigra, 19
10081 Castellamonte (To)
Tel e Fax +39 0124.423198
P.Iva 09331870015


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