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Welcome to Valle Sacra Sawmill

Local wood industry

Environment and sustainability

Valle Sacra Sawmill is a modern centre for wood processing. Our sawmill is placed right in the heart of Canavese region and it's surrounded by beautiful hills. We almost exclusively use and process local sweet chestnut and other local tree species. We mainly produce timber roof trusses, interior and exterior wood cladding, rustic wood flooring and garden furniture.

Wood: a valuable resource

There are about 900.000 hectares of forest in Piedmont. The forests are currently expanding. In the past local people depended on the wood, and thus their culture was deeply influenced by the presence and by the use of the trees. Our mill today values such a heritage, tracing a path from then to now, increasing the value of local forest and generating a higher income for the people who manage the forests and create wood products. Trees play a crucial role in the fight against climate change - they capture carbon dioxide and lock it away. Our aim is to take care of our land.


The wood we process

Piedmont forest is full of valuable wood. Among the many local species, we remark the presence of sweet chestnust, which is the wood in our milll we mainly process. Other than chestnut wood, we mainly process oak, beech, ash, poplar and larch wood.





Our mill is completely equipped to process wood. In paricular, we have a drying oven and the gear to produce thermally treated wood. Thermally treated wood is wood that has been heated over 180 °C with no oxygen for a short time. Such process modifies the molecular structure of cell wall components increasining its durability. In general, our modern equipments allow us to create natural wood products without the use of chemicals.


We promote the use of local wood

Our corporate philosophy is Sustainability and New Technologies


Sweet chestnut

A local suistainable resource

Sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) is a deciduous broadleaf tree native to southern Europe, north Africa and western Asia. In Italy there are about 788.000 hectares of chestnut wood (around 9% of the national forest). Piedmont is the region with more chestnut woods (about 97.000 hectares) among the Italian regions. Sweet chestnut was widely spread in our land by the ancient Romans. In the past our people depended on chestnut: they used to make flour out of chestnut fruits and they utilised its wood for many purposes.



Valle Sacra Sawmill promotes the use of local materials. We almost exclusively process local wood. Our products are made using the most valuable plant species of the forest.


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Segheria Valle Sacra

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